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This is the latest anti-Semitic/ racist salute. It was first claimed to be anti Zionist but has escalated to anti-Jewry and anti-semitism all around. If you see anyone doing this salute called the/a “Quenelle” swiftly punch them in the face, scold them, whatever you feel like, just recognize that this is a symbol of hatred!

Please be careful guys (esp. Jewish, queer, or disabled people, or people of color.) I’ve seen Neo-Nazis do this, and they can be really dangerous groups of people to be around.


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hello!!! here is a list of affordable cruelty free make up brands. These are either certified by PETA, Leaping Bunny, or have been verified by me through research. This isn’t the ultimate cruelty free list but this is just what I have found!!! let me know if u guys have any questions/requests regarding cruelty free brands and make up in general!!! 

  • BH Cosmetics - great for makeup artists on a budget!! plenty of affordable palettes and theyre always having sales. Available online.
  • Black Radiance -If ur a PoC that has trouble finding make up dark enough for ur skin tone, this is a great brand! cruelty free, super affordable. Available at some drugstores and online
  • Bonne Belle - I haven’t tried any products They’re sold online and at some drug/ discount stores. 
  • City Color - Great matte blushes!! Super pigmented and nice!!So far, I think they’re only available online.
  • Coastal Scents - They have awesome make up brushes at super affordable pricing.  They 2 great palettes called Revealed and Revealed 2  that I have heard are comparable to the Naked series by Urban Decay (also a CF brand just more high end). And if you’ve been looking for something similar to Urban Decay’s 24 hour Primer Potion, the Coastal Scents one is practically the same thing. Available online.
  • Colourpop - This is a fairly new brand, so I haven’t tried anything from them, but ive heard they are colorful, cheap, and really nice. Available online.
  • Ecotools - Amazing Eco-Friendly brush line! They are SO affordable and nice and super soft!! Available at most drugstores and online.
  • Eyes Lips Face (E.L.F.) - ELF IS SO AMAZING!! I literally cannot stop talking about this brand. They actually have every product you could want and most of them are so great!!! They’re always having sales. Available online and at most drugstores. 
  • Flower Beauty - This is Drew Barrymore’s makeup line and let me tell ya the girl knows how to make good makeup. They are a little up there for drugstore prices, but the product quality is totes worth it. Available at Walmart and Online
  • Hard Candy - Pretty decent makeup line. Kind of hit and miss but their concealer is amaze. Available at Walmart and online
  • Jane Cosmetics - I’ve heard mixed reviews about this line and I’ve never tried it. I find it pricey for a drugstore brand but definitely check them out if ur interested!! Available at ULTA, other retailers, and online.
  • Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics - Cool line!! I really like their liquid eyeliner pen and I’ve heard good things about their 9 pan shadow palettes. . Available at Rite Aid and online.
  • L.A. Colors - If you’re really on a budget go for L.A. colors. Most items are only one dollar and for the price you actually cannot get any better. Their lipsticks have such a great color range and they just have really great products.. Available at dollar/discount stores and online.
  • L.A. Girl - Owned by the same company as L.A. Colors and its just as good. They are a little bit more expensive but they are still sooo affordable. I’ve heard that their pro conceal is very similar to the famous (and crazy expensive) MAC Pro-Longwear Concealer. AND their Glazed Lip Paints are the same as the Melted Lip Paints from Too Faced and the OCC Lip Tars!!! Available at Rite Aid, online, and cherryculture
  • Makeup Revolution - Very new brand that I haven’t tried but its mega cheap and ships worldwide. Available online.
  • NYX - Pretty much the same thing as ELF but more expensive. I love their lipstick so much!!! Available online, cherryculture, ulta, and some drugstores
  • Physician’s Formula - Pretty expensive for a drugstore brand but its worth it!! Not the best color range but pretty darn good. Available online and at most drugstores.
  • Prestige Cosmetics - Haven’t tried any thing from them but I’ve heard they’re pretty good!! Available online and at Rite Aid I believe
  • Real Techniques - Everyone has heard of this line but really high quality affordable brushes. Available at Ulta, some drugstores, and online.
  • Sonia Kashuk - Also has nice brushes and eye palettes and other stuff. Available at Target and online.
  • Wet n Wild - AMAZING EYESHADOWS AND LIPSTICKs!! And most of their products are under $5. Available at most drugstores and online

Send me requests for other masterposts/tips on make up or let me know if there is any products u want me 2 review


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