i want to k*ss julian in the f*ce 


wtf is up with white boys 

some dude literally just messaged me tellng me i was beautiful and asking for my skype like is this the kim k game?? if so i am an a lister and you are the bar tender at the brew palms

wtf is up with white boys 



Girls need to stop wearing crop tops or I might have to resort to action by tickling them and blowing on their tummies bc they’re so darn cute


anti-sj code
  • anti-sj: this isn't the oppression olympics/oppression isn't a competion
  • translation: i'm upset by the fact that you're trying to make me realize that i have privilege so i'm going to whine about it now
  • anti-sj: how can you say you want to not be oppressed if you're going to be rude to people like that
  • translation: i want to silence your complaints about your oppression so i can feel more comfortable, and if you don't, i will oppress you more
  • anti-sj: don't fight fire with fire!
  • translation: i'm trying to equate your non-political correctness with my own prejudice and harmful actions
  • anti-sj: privilege doesn't exist
  • translation: i have no fucking idea what i'm talking about


I’ve seen the pictures without the article only so I thought I’d post this 

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" People who are listening at home, you will not believe what just happened. A man in a bear suit just came on stage and attacked us so I couldn’t get at me microphone so that’s why I stopped singing, in case you were wondering. "

- Alex Turner when he stopped singing during a radio performance of When the Sun Goes Down (via arcticmonkeystx)


go away nikolai 


“Mr V doing #Undone rehearsal with me. I think He’s shocked by my questions”